It'll be so predictably done I hate my dad. Oh, I do too. Stop thinking you're so special But yes, why? He was supposed to transfer a load of money into my account yesterday, and I was supposed to go and post a letter. Neither happened. But /I'm/ the only one at fault, of course Oh I got some card that will enable me to have money ^_^ Once my Personal PIN Number turns up cool :) Anyway, I'm basically being kicked out until I post this letter, so I'll be back in 30 minutes or so K. That's gay Come back, it's bank holiday, it'll never get posted *** Signoff: FurLuke (Ping timeout) *** FurLuke ( has joined channel #afsjjbddd *** bbz ( has joined channel #afsjjbddd *** bbz is now known as bz2 *** Signoff: FurLuke (Ping timeout) *** Signoff: Nickkat (Ping timeout) *** FurLuke ( has joined channel #afsjjbddd *** Nickkat ( has joined channel #afsjjbddd *** Mode change "+oq Nickkat Nickkat" for channel #afsjjbddd by ChanServ Hi Hi bertram's connection's on the blink again. Ya think? Oh, could you see me getting disconnected? Yes, always Doom. If it happens again I'll go back into normal connection. Ginger's up 0.02 Oooh You're down 0.07 Yay How many did I this week, 7? yeah Awesome *** Flexo ( has joined channel #afsjjbddd *** Mode change "+oq Flexo Flexo" for channel #afsjjbddd by ChanServ Ka's down 0.03 Don't care k *** Signoff: Nickkat (Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by Flexo))) *** Flexo is now known as Nickkat Man, I'm working in two days time That's scary blimey I suppose I'll have to start sleeping :( *** Nickkat- ( has joined channel #afsjjbddd Okay, this is where I shoot bertram. Oooh, fun Zerfl. Why is it this that? Hi Luke :) Luke, I keep on getting disconnected from [so don't connect with] Shooting Bertram would likely INCREASE the frequency of that problem. heh Nick, how much did you go up this week? 0.04 why? Hhaha, you've been the worst every week, man I know! It's full moon tonight though, so. That makes me feel warm inside. So what? You're going to turn into a masturbating werewolf? People are generally more horny on full moons. (Link: Which is the basis of the warewolf thing, as it happens bz2: what is? My connection. No they're not. tHAT'S an excuse girls give for acting weird. They're like "SORRY I STABBED YOU IN THE EYE BUT IT'S FULL MOON AND I'M IN TOUCH WITH NATURE ^_^" bz2: ah. Hhaha FurLuke: heh Just saying what I've heard. FurLuke: x_^ We should all put totals at the end of the weeks. Oh wait, bertram, that's not a histogram, is it? To be easier for you? Unlikely Wow, that's insane It's a graph. With the bit under the line coloured in. For effect. yeah. I got confused. You do that. That graph was made with Microsoft Office, heh. (Link:,), more like. Hhaha Haha. lol At least. If it is what I think it is. I have only seen three episodes ever, or something. The skyline thing at the beginning. You should watch more. Yeah. Frasier's great. Nickkat: I tried. My brain tried to strangle me. oh? I didn't think it was very good, sorry. How can your BRAIN strangle you? By escaping through my ears. Why would it even bother? Couldn't it just stop you breathing? Isn't your brain you? How can your brain do anything against your will? WHO ARE WE, REALYL!? Oh, right. I get it now. Hhaha It was Earth all along I haven't seen Frasier in forever. Me either I used to like it, though. But then it used to be part of the Channel 4 Friday night lineup. I watch it whenever it's on and I'm not online at the time :) And I liked everything on that that wasn't Friends. And wasn't after South Park. So basically Frasier and South Park. Heh Wasn't FG and Futurama after South Park? Not that Friday lineup. I mean the one YEARS ago. When South Park was new and shiny. K And I was obsessed with it. Heh heh I haven't watched that much South Park, either, it seemed to try and be amusing by being as rude and profane as possible. Or maybe that was just Beavis and Butthead. bz2: it's both :) I don't like them either. I figured as much. South Park's great Yeah. But this was before I had Baz to fill that niche. And some of it's pretty clever. The film was great. Thoguh I haven't seen any new ones for 15 years. hmm The film is great. What's the HTML meta tag for reloading? South Park is great if you think a guy with a satelite dish up his ass is funny. refresh. thanks Well. bz2, urm, who doesn't find that funny? http-equiv. But the value is 'refresh'. And seriously, that happened once in what? 130 episodes? Learn to troll better. bz2: just give me the whole tag :P I'm not too hot with meta tags. thanks :) Or. If you want it to redirect to a different page South Park was like that Simpsons joke thing. Oh? Except it was more "SEX! VIOLENCE! SWEARING! Now that we've got your attention, salient social commentary!" bz2: thanks :) FurLuke: The thing is. You *lose* my attention with those. So I miss out on the social commentary. Then I weep for you. Some of the latest ones are great with hardly any shock value things. Like the Lord Of The Rings spoof. I mean, sure, they were trying to return a porn movie to the video shop, but shh. heh Hah, I'm an idiot. second I wanted the page to refresh and jump to an internal anchor point, but I forgot that that would cause it to refresh over and over and over. Do that anyway. no. As a monument to idiocy. Why do you want it to refresh and do that? So it jumps to a specific part of the document on the reload. Dad smels So you don't have to type the anchor yourself. Why do want to reload it? , you, is it alright to. heh We buy all these fucking phones, and when someone actually phones he just sits there moaning like a fucking fucker. Luke: I don't know any other way to get it to jump to a certain point immeditately without havinto to wite #achorpoint after the URL yourself. you can link to them can't you? Isn't that the point of those #anchory things? Yeah. But basically, with my calendar, I want it to jump to the bottom of the page Oh, you want it to go there when first loading it? Ah. You should refresh it to a DIFFERENT PAGE which doesn't have the refresh code on it. It's a horrible solution but it'd work. Everyone would laugh at you, but it'd work. heh You'd be jeered out of university, but it'd work. That's not a bad idea. Thanks, Luke! np just doing my part to get you laughed at and jeered out of university. hehe :) I'm sure now bz2'll come in with a better solution. yeaaah. Right about... now... around that kind of time. Heh Hey Luke, I'm a 3.6millionnaire. I'm lying Oh man. I'm only a 3.2 one. But hoorah for goat's milk going for 95,000 in the dead of night and all. I'm a 3.78millionnaire Wha!? Didn't And stab bats suck, a lot *** Signoff: Nickkat- (Ping timeout) *** Nickkat- ( has joined channel #afsjjbddd 3.7? Yes I'm still here. Hmmmm. Pity. Why do they? They stab things. How isn't that great? And what didn't? But see They stab me, too Do they? I haven't used any much. Yes And when you have 140 advs, it dangers you You could heal. yourself. I do But, EFFORT? Yeah. I guess you're beyond healing usually, now. (Link:*cXdl!NdfT6*ih!qrkBpS*Vnil3cHWDu*WN*bks!wvuDQ6Xd*W5XTTkvMZgL!iUtmXX2hGcxRsqvjUTqUgA5YEw5W2rz4GPrsij4OK05nMaFh8/Beadle%20Boxing.jpg?dc=4675486870232192388)*cXdl!NdfT6*ih!qrkBpS*Vnil3cHWDu*WN*bks!wvuDQ6Xd*W5XTTkvMZgL!iUtmXX2hGcxRsqvjUTqUgA5YEw5W2rz4GPrsij4OK05nMaFh8/Beadle%20Boxing.jpg?dc=4675486870232192388 haha Hey Nick, I have some pr0n you want (Link: heh I hate how I can identify where all those were traced from. Hhhahdf *** Signoff: FurLuke (Ping timeout) *** FurLuke ( has joined channel #afsjjbddd *** Luke ( has joined channel #afsjjbddd *** Mode change "+oa Luke Luke" for channel #afsjjbddd by ChanServ Hi Luke! Hi. I appear to have shed my summer coat. Oh haha Haircut? No, nick change. Ohdfghj Nick, change. Seriously. Or you're so gone. * Nickkat morphs into something ocelotbob might like eww, furry genitals. * Nickkat morphs back Is it a hermaphroditic skunktaur with fennec ears? haha OB's amusing to cyber, though. He has such an obsession with the knot. The dog one? Where they get stuck and oh man it's hILARIOUS! TWF? yeah, that. What's TWF? The, What Fuck? WTF'S TWF? Thock Wave Flathh. It's Baz with a lisp. haha But yeah, I've never cybered Bob, thanks for making sure I never do. you bastard. You should have put spoiler space. Cybering with bob is great. Assuming he's a bunny. Why the You lagomorphophile. That has too many "o"s in it. It sounds like a Scottish name. bz2: a bunny?! wait when's he ever been that? Irish. Loads of times. You just never learnt them. Nickkat: Long ago. Before you were an #msper. ah, okay There aren't really many animals he hasn't been (out of the animals that furries always choose to be). which is, like, five animals. hehe *** Nickkat has changed the topic on channel #afsjjbddd to #afsjjbddd: The Idlers' Choice | calendar updatd ;) | 8936. *** Nickkat has changed the topic on channel #afsjjbddd to #afsjjbddd: The Idlers' Choice | calendar updated ;) | 8936. Baz, what does the "10+" at the top of August mean? Oh, well, it's the total of kills over August I haven't adjusted it for some time heh I love it when I get spammed by people who think I'm called Rusty Shackleford. haha It gives me a warm, King-Of-The-Hill-referencing feeling inside. HHhaha Do you actulally get the reference or are you just laughing for the sheer joy of life? Yes, lattrer k. Basically in King Of The Hill, one of the characters is really scared of conspiracy and such so he always gives his name on official records as Rusty Shackleford. O. So now when a site causes me to look sideways at it and do that eye thing that scared dogs do, I put my name as that too. Hhah mohlfohl OkCupid went live TODAY. I don't really CARE. On fire? I hopes. Man, this calender thing rocks You're all catching me up heh I know, even I am! *** Signoff: FurLuke (Ping timeout) *** Signoff: Nickkat- (Ping timeout) *** FurLuke ( has joined channel #afsjjbddd *** Nickkat- ( has joined channel #afsjjbddd *** Mode change "+b *!slag@*" for channel #afsjjbddd by Nickkat Hey, Irvin Kersher sure is an anal bastard :) * Nickkat is reading the recorded session transcript I guessed Hey, I don't know who that is :) :) I don't know if this is Luke's sarcasm or not director of ESB, Luke hahah Oh, him. I just got a spam email with just the words "compressive hodgepodge cleavage" in it. I'm not sure if this is supposed to be porn or not. Hheheh haha OPEN (Link: doom yeah. Everything's so... gray No dude, that's you, you're gray. Dude, I think you'll find that you're gray. No, that's you. No, you're gray. Dude, you are so gray. I'm not gray, I'm a wizard! Yeah, dude. You're Gandalf the Gray. I surely am a legend of extreme Gandalf the GAY, more like. ... WELL DONE BZ2 YOU RUINED OUR THIN VENEER OF NON-HOMOPHOBIA NOW WE'LL HAVE TO BURN SOME FAGS. Dude you're so... small. Naturalyh. STARE INTO MY RING shut up or I'll have to watch them all again. I already am You're such a gay n00b :( Tony Hawks. Mullen. Hawks. Stop pinching me, you bitch! Mullen Hawks Your mummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Your mummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Your mummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmum mumumum mummmmmmmmmmm Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me. As you can see. Your mummmmmmmmmmmmmmm *splatch* Mullen. Mullen. hawwwwwwwwwwwwwks [end] [it's Hawk] No S, man soz FUCK YOU You're gay. You wouldn't know becuase ur such a gay n00b. No, you. Sorry, did you say you were gay? Dude, I think you'll find that *you're* gay. *** fuzzie has left #afsjjbddd fuzzie's so gay. I'm sorry can we stop this, I've got something to say, I am gay. bluuuuuruh * bz2 buggers Baz I'm going to go out-horrible-side now. guh? Bastard I don't care, it's true, and I find this all highly offensive. Baz: where's that a quote from? ... You're silly. okay *** TheLaw ( has joined channel #afsjjbddd anyway, he was completely naked oooh Did you take photos? eeek wrong window :o) i hat studying hehe so now i'm playing on the pooty cool i'm not sure what to play though i could play doom 3 i hate shogun total war and burnout 3 still isn't out sniff curses, offside heh Dog semen is highly acidic and causes yeast infections in women as well as an allergic reaction with symptoms of cramps, fever, headache and vaginal itch. Bad news for furries (Link: hahaha It just looks so right! Mandella should be in ROTS I totally agree Oh man, Empire described the final lightsabre battle between luke and vader and I got goosebumps Aye Who was Max Rebo? Where? Are you talking about? The Return of the Jedi "17 reasons Jedi is better", last point. What's it say man, Max Rebo the only SW alien to suggest a bathroom colour scheme Oh, *shrugs* Ah, (Link: Teehee, I was just gunna hehe SING US A SONG, NOW, MAX REBO BAND I can't believe y'all don't have that song,. :<< (Link: Go get it. I can't believe y'all don't know Irvin Kerhshdnertnfgn? Shrug. Why would I? Why wouldn't you? I've never been interested in who makes things, just whether I like the things themselves. Because I don't care? Yes But, you know the Beatles made all those songs? Yes. So? I forget Hhaha, Olympic ultamatums Some GB guy is 4th and catching up on 3rd But the person who's third was attacked while leading the race by some jerk And commentators are all "I don't know what result I want!??!?!?" And the person who's second is secretly the person who's first's love child! Yes! But the person who's fourth has a dirty secret: he killed the other person who['](wa)s fourth. And that's how he's fourth today. Yes :/ That's a lie? Meanwhile, Mr Sixth has sex with dogs, but he's sixth, who cares. um everything I ever say is a lie. Except this. Heh And this next speech explaining it. Yes, stp not w I'm gonna go get ready for the Olympics montage so I can throw my sex juices everywhere over it ha ha half-loaded White Ninja NEW MUTANT BOY!? it's funny already ! Okay ahahhahahahahhahahhahahahah completely loaded White Ninja huh? WHITE NINJA IS A FUNNY COMIC. THE LATEST ONE WAS FUNNY. END TRANSMISSION. ah, okay yes, it was :) Going now bye! Nick, you suck You know nothing of the art of shouting "NO WAIT! I'M UPLOADING" I only just started! Oh yes, and it takes hours to make? Yes. K. *** Signoff: Luke (Client exited) Bye loasers sfjhdhgn who I've always liked to see die Bye Baz! *** Signoff: Baz (Seriously, who does that?) *** Disconnected from Session Close (#afsjjbddd): Sun Aug 29 18:18:30 2004 Session Start ( Sun Aug 29 21:30:41 2004 *** Now talking in #afsjjbddd. *** Topic of #afsjjbddd: (Link: | calendar updated ;) | 8936. *** Set by Nickkat 115 minutes ago *** Users on #afsjjbddd: Baz @Nickkat @Luke TheLaw bz2 @deblon Helios *** End of /NAMES list. -ChanServ- (#afsjjbddd) Welcome to #afsjjbddd. You're doomed, basically. *** Mode change "+o Baz" for channel #afsjjbddd by ChanServ *** Mode for channel #afsjjbddd is "+snr" *** Channel #afsjjbddd was created at Tue Jun 29 10:51:47 2004 *** Join to #afsjjbddd completed in 0 seconds. Hi Baz! Hi I made your stupid mutantboy. Oh? yES fag No blood :( And needs more sodomy You should have stopped while you were at the top But nice twist heh So, whatcha up to, Baz? (YES, I'm bored) Oh Normal stuff Ohahaha Yay, my bank balance is above 200 again Watching the closing ceremony, and one of the Chinese people Was call Wang Doodoo [go you] Already been pointed out to me, thanks :P Really? yeah. He was on a while back K. p NUTS Awful ahaha I love Mutantboy. I'm making a spin-off. lol groovy Yay I love Luke's spin-off, they're always misappropiately great yeah I might have to make some more mutant boy and stick them up at Nivan to keep everyone happy. ANIMATED Yes Sans animation, though Indeed. mutantboy would work better as comics. Plus I'm trying to get away with little effort as possible while I make Dimwits Christmas Yes, because we could print them out and burn them. heh Hey Nick, you've got the only comic to update on Sundays, you'd win all! groovy :) Maybe I'll do that :) I'll come up with one for every sunday of the Uni term. (12) fghj what? Nick Nick Nick I think you want to watch Magnolia or tape it? What's that? I'm not sure, it 's a multi-plot jobby And William H. Macy's in it and you like him It's apparently rather great Who's WHM? White Hinja Momics Nick, some guy actor who's knida cool. You like him heh, okay who's he played? Nothing you know, he was in Fargo, basically No, YOU go far. Why do you bother? i know i don't bother, that is Hey Macca hey bazzuroni heya again ginger :) That's the best neew thing I've been called in a long time i know ginger's like that. I woke up at 13:30 thanks to you, ginger :P * deblon smiles innocently i woke up at some entirely normal time I'm not gonna ask and did entirely normal things Yeah, I noticed your calendar. Baz: never webcam with ginger. Her looks will leave you soulless :) i did warn you ahead of time I heard rumours to that effect, yes. Oh wanna webcam, baz? ginger: I don't mind :) i'll show you my..... socks Nah man, it'd need installing and shit k, i need to go to the store, anyway oh, I didn't get to see your socks :( have fun :) like i was wearing any last night hehe oh, and #15 is failed to call yet :( Since when? * deblon shrugs since i left his apartment yesterday so.... fuck em Please do. ah * Nickkat huggles ginger i'm fine if he can be this big of an ass when he was the one in the wrong, why should i botherr? Aye. Not worth getting worked up over but *huggles* anyway. *sigh* Oscar needs to learn to not take you for granted. Well, I know I do. huh? She's always here! or *am* i? heh Session Close (#afsjjbddd): Sun Aug 29 22:34:27 2004 Session Start ( Sun Aug 29 22:35:57 2004 *** Now talking in #afsjjbddd. *** Topic of #afsjjbddd: (Link: | calendar updated ;) | 8936. *** Set by Nickkat 180 minutes ago *** Users on #afsjjbddd: Baz @Nickkat @Luke TheLaw bz2 @deblon Helios *** End of /NAMES list. -ChanServ- (#afsjjbddd) Welcome to #afsjjbddd. You're doomed, basically. *** Mode change "+o Baz" for channel #afsjjbddd by ChanServ *** Mode for channel #afsjjbddd is "+snr" *** Channel #afsjjbddd was created at Tue Jun 29 10:51:47 2004 *** Join to #afsjjbddd completed in 0 seconds. Hi Baz! Yeah yeah I assume ginger's all "shopp'd!!" Y Session Start ( Sun Aug 29 23:10:44 2004 *** Now talking in #afsjjbddd. *** Topic of #afsjjbddd: (Link: | calendar updated ;) | 8936. *** Set by Nickkat 215 minutes ago *** Users on #afsjjbddd: Baz @Nickkat @Luke TheLaw bz2 @deblon Helios *** End of /NAMES list. -ChanServ- (#afsjjbddd) Welcome to #afsjjbddd. You're doomed, basically. *** Mode change "+o Baz" for channel #afsjjbddd by ChanServ *** Mode for channel #afsjjbddd is "+snr" *** Channel #afsjjbddd was created at Tue Jun 29 10:51:47 2004 *** Join to #afsjjbddd completed in 1 seconds. j[ ]i * Nickkat waits for ginger to get back oh heya ginger :D i *just* got back Join baz and us on MSN cams :D after i'm done eating okies "baz and us"? Eat here adn i thought baz was too afraid of losing his soul to install his cam Sure But then I remembered We have sound and all :) remembered what, baz Nothing thats what i thought sniff.. gu I wish I had MSN. And also broadband. that would be great And also wasn't walking around nigh-naked. Oh? WEBCAM Yes. Webcam. But I can't do anything about any of those things. sexcam *g* so, like what did i miss? Not much Oh! Me and Nick camcybered i see that *now* You missed my brother. wITH BROEHTE ginger: what are you eating? cheese and mustard and coffee kewl its the dinner of champions Oooh, aphrodisiacs galore heh but I think you need some red wine. i bought beer beer damnit cool :) And less clothes well Well possibly I couldn't have less, surely. i always irc naked, remember according to fuzzie oh yeah wahts your thingy on msn, baz I forget ? Nick should invite you in? well yeah groovy now how about telling me baz's thingy so i can thingy at him too okay, I think we need to stop them all and start a video conference We can have three ways, surely? K its kinky, but i'll try it okay, you sort it out :) I DON'T HAVE BAZ'S NICK oh count_bazzu @ hotmail .com Yeah, that what's going on? We've ditched you. sorry :'( EVRR ellipsis. I'll elipse you in a minute. Or ellipse. As the case may be. I'm not getting any webcams :( Camwhore. what? i can see you * deblon waves at nick you can? yes stop doing that, its rude I haven't any screens with yours or mine up :( there are children in the room! put some clothes on! heh I'm fully clothed, silly :) flesh colored clothes i can see it already, stop inviting me I can't see yours, though. Okay, close it all. We'll start again * deblon views nick's cam hi! I can't see it or you! Can you see the IM I sent you? nick i'm lying to you entirely oh because bazzu is d/l'ing yahoo :<< ah right. I'm on Yahoo now. and now we're switching to yahoo Yes MSN can't do three-way webcam, then? No Not with you anyway how crap Because you're ugly nick, what's your yahoo? nsohome baz send me a message, i was ghey and forgot to hit hte button that allows me to add you yo You're still shown as offline I see ginger :) no you don't i mean yes but i don't see *you* how's that? Hi mini person! Baz, what's happening? I'm not entirely sure YIM appears to be like an internet walkie talkie heh It's slower, ye. But we have to hold down talk? Oh And unhold it to listen? I'm not doing talk any more. Who can see whom? i can see everyone I can't see Baz. Good baz I can see you both. you can talk if you click the hands free button and then you'd be able to hear me once in a while I'll talk with ginger when I'm home alone :) But I can't with the parentals and James around. ah ok, i'm not talking any more okies i've used up my quota of actual words for the day heh on baz Heh ooh, what drink is that? besides, yahoo sucks for audio msn rules wawa coffee, dude groovy wawa! It's a flying goose And the best damn coffee in the state! world Y yeah baz who was the kid earlier, ginger? kait "bathroom" what happened to "restroom"? it was too dark to make them out properly it was too dark to make out with them properly She's killing her again hehe I have brand spanking new webcam tools I can do this: he's a 'hottie' which one? i need a drink now :) We heard :) which one of us was the hotty though? :) Me DUH baz aww Are you two audioing? I mean, I look like their uncle miranda said you were lovely, nick ^_^ Everyone in NJ has hot ncles and nick is a hottie i mean, baz Yay *g* see, all this real talking is confusing me I dig chicks with low standards msut stick to typing ye. NAH MAN Baz needs to loose some clothes. Just scratching and rubbing So do I for taht matter. miranda says baz was picking his nose She's a liar, innit? yeah, I caught him doing that earlier :P 'he's doing it again mom!' I need to raise this cam. TO THE CEILING so ye beasts :) never having any great, now i'm confused am i talking or typing typing! otherwise I can't hear you :( or both! Heh are you sure? How'd you ehar me? *hear it was a sudden burpy noise :<< hahah Nick red hair! you look nice tonight, ginger :) I should dye my hair that colour. Hehhe i look like death t'is the lemonade you so don't i'm death and i'm here to take you away IN[to] BED Nick's tired OF THIS SHIT ? i kept him up last night heh, that you did. Hhaha * deblon hummms innocently *g* Baz needs to lose his top. You say that way too much So do itt! Well I am! Oh I don't huh? STOP MOLESTING MEEEE yo udo I'm only 17 show em the bull! Agrred. :_ :--- :) go on ? take it off, baz i'll lock the door It's illegal in your state, missy [your drunken state] ok, i won't watch just nick will All the more reason not to, Shirley? *giggle* That wasn't a burp! That was a pop its like watching willy wonka and you've had too much fizzy lifting drink oh? heh nick dance for me yes? okay go on i ant to see animation how do you mean? get up and dance *sigh* shake your money maker okay you know you want to are you wearing pants? ye oh Heh Hhaha that was rather brief, but i appreciate the effort sepeaking of brief speaking, even Well, it's not worth it with the jerkyness you're meant to just dance slower see you have to adjust to the speed of the broadcast for your viewers Heh heh now what to do next oh I vote Nick wakes up his parents heh With webcam in hold mmmhmm and then? Rape, basically. i'm down with that :<< bananaphone heya Luke hi freaky. camfags. Macca's phone just started ringing it did? Yes yes just when luke said that Rifht after Luke said bananaphone Oh, you two are still audiowhoring. it made me afraid to pick it up Damn you >.< So I figure it was him? luke luke luke get on yahoo and be cool like us smels yes He doesn't have the internet heh pity Is it Yahoo or MSN? Yahoo yahoo i'll be right back YAHOO i need beverages okie and the phone that has caller id so i don't keep yelling every time the phone rings I've got a beverage for you *right here* I'm younger in naivety though you sure are Nick, WAKE UP ZE PARENTS No! loser why would I want to do that? Um, I forget ^_^ :) NO IT WAS NOT AN ANTE TO BE MET Tough luck, mister YAY! yay guiness! Not worth it when it ain't Irish Surely there's only one person left sure, lets surprise ginger when she gets back och aye Aye :D STOP BEING ME Agrred :) I'm cold me too. It's 1:20am and not topless weather * Nickkat tuch baz dancing warms you up dance * Baz tuch Nick RIGHT IN THE FACE my little jumping beans [with my fist] DANCE Skin sticking to leather :<< i need to shave my armpits >.< Fag hmmm show me them again? ooh sock! i'm excited yay, socks! let me take off m shirt Well, if you must... its not the pretty bra! is it the black one no You don't have to wear that either, then ok, who is goign to be ughed if i sneak a smoke? :( right All of us, but we'll let it pass for nudity heh ok, so if i take my top off, i can have a smoke okay Basically. :) so, i just closed the blinds mmhm my neighbors get enough free shows as it is heh you like that ninja move? Heh which one? i can undress with lightning speed ah :) [and a dodgy camera] nick, i demand that you smile more what are you two laughing at? your mummmmmmmmmmmm that tickles me mum why? its mom, man your mom it's not! yo dude, it's not i'm pretty sure americans invented that insult so its your mom kk yeah, i'm a slut, so sue me ok K. * deblon sues nick :( are you two still audioing? oooh dark baz lol and now i'll just glow in the dark There's my penis for y'all groovy wow, so big it eclipsed the light yeah It's big like that. :<< you've seen it then, nick? U said TELL NO-ONE Oh Hasn't she? No, I haven't shown anyone. Oh boy, here we go :) Upload it for her kk the original or the photoshop? "up" "load" it for her Original *g* you know, i'm having a harder time hiding this stuff for when #15 is over and on my puter Where is said man? he doens't understand my research You should burn it to CDs In case, you know, I have to rush me shirt on Get a CD-RW for it all, and hide it nor does he understand my fascination with foreskins Oh, he's not cut is he? please tell me he's not cut he is NOOOOO he's american he's cut It's the USA way! :( thats why i'm so fascinated with them I like how THAT makes Nick sad The foreskin is so great, thuogh Bastard americans. It's my best friend! it was difficult enough explaining why i have a link to a site devoted to foreskins heh I bet Didn't Marilyn Manson sell his on eBay or something? oh, I guess those shots I did were quite great for you, then. I was annoyed that it always showed the foreskin. *frown* What, did you want us to know you had a convertible? lol MID-LIFE CRISIS, MAN I'm going to kill you when you're 40 for this. ginger: (Link: Or autobaz.jpg for an amusing photoshop (Link: Everyone remembers my penis when they see it It's a very cute penis :) Harrass and molest us Nick, stop *g* how the fuck can a penis be cute basket of kittens = cute Luke, it looks like you basket of penises = scary haha I laugh to the webcam, then realise Luke can't see it :<< My penis picture was the best ever. yEDS (Link: I forget what it was. (Jon) FORESKIN FLASH ah yeah THE FASTEST FORESKIN ALIVE lol ginger, he's /shaven/ sexy who is? oh that guy jON? the guy i hardly noticed the hair or lack of it foreskin, see its why its referred to as a fetish foreskin and country ye Those are quite large foreskins, too yes yes they are are you two still audioing? um why do you ask? * deblon grins because you seem to be laughing for no reason. oh wait i don't have to say that, do i now i'm just pretending to laugh sure, but you didn't answer my question yes we didn't but you do now? you're confusing me Huh? Are you two using audio (y/n) / wel yes no i'm taking my pants off now you know i shouldn't get nakid naked my kids are up and about when do they go to bed? and they always get weird when mommy is naked in front of hte cam Yeah, but, hey, two guys to please, you've gotta go with the majority brb Wonder what he's doing... Oh That's bad i bet he's going to put on a scary mask and try and surprise us hey did you see miranda at my door when i went out? I think i did she was RIGHT at the door I heard you throwing stuff, so. i almost pissed myself ...lovely who is georgiathenorn i should know this Not a clue i bet its luke norn suggests fuzzie to me i saw nick nipple up close yeah, it's fuzzie is she online? what happened to insane fuzzie? that's her Yahoo one. i'm on yahoo oh wait i left msn on norn is MSN ye what the hell are your fucking shit yahoo asses? bazilla 87 hotmonkeyspam, jim nsohome bazilla87, rather from the days when my website was on geocities i should go get some tequila ta killya I just thought you'd like to know that I have removed my trousers time to dance again! hehe k shake it like a polaroid picture nick why are you being such a denyy shit *g* you loved it really, Baz and Ginger appears not to be online. WITH MY PENIS so what, i am she's invisible, Luke who the hell are you on yahoo these days, luke trasked trasked, surely like I've always been always? well, you're invisible too, so there brb aye while baz isn't looking :P Any more? luke LET ME SEE YOUR CAM aye cam see is it all right to? I'm not running it yet WHATS THE HOLDUP, BBUB why with the closeeyes, ginger? i mean why not? you're afraid of my eyes, admit it fair enough :) I love your eyes. They reduce me to girly giggles adn well they should my keyboard sucks mostly because i spill things Nick, give me permits to view your camera? done and done blimey, Baz is taking a while to wank. oh there we go. Heh not done, man there. Jekrs ERUGH NAKE'S NICKED heh Luke, allow me to see yours! ^_^ there. That's vaguely scary. Where's the fez from? Anyone else want to view mine, just whine. i ts like i already did whine Some fez shop. GIVE ME PERMISSION, DMANIT give me permission to view your darned thing, then i'll show you mine if you show me yours lol I have done. so. I know :) luke you jerk GIVE ME PERMISSION TO VIEW too often i mean whine whine magic word I HAVE GOD DAMN YOUR EYES its like i still can't see SMALL NICK Nick Shrunk heh But enough about his sex life I LOVE WHAT YOU'VE DONE WITH YOUR HAIR i mean caps again A fez at 1:55, I love it I need more hair. Also, I have work tomorrow, surely I should be getting a clever sleep pattern? And more skin on the webcams. Baz: yes. debog, can you see my legcam yet? you know you're digging hte music ye, you freak Macca's sound is hurting you're still sounding :( thats what my neighbors say baz are you still broadcasting ,you broad? * Nickkat feels left out yes? can only do one at a time Get used to is Ncickvc and you said you wouldn't then give me your darned tooting permission to view. Well, I could have put it on headphones or something luke, you can't see me? I don't have apermissiom? wait, you can I can see you. I can't see Baz. can see youuu can you see *this*?! Could you in-vite me>? your connection's going to kill you, Luke. he's cammed with more than us before and survived to tell the tale The button is like right there. ah, okay i think you're all dead move around or something luke * Nickkat moves make your tassle twirl i dare you DEAD Luke died :( ghey Also, I really should get sleep :<< boo hiss baz show me a nipple! Aye? One of his? K, look on Nick's cam, there's several there /several/ ?! Yes Do you only have one?! baz, pick a song IT'S RAINING MEN this isn't ghey radio hehe Boo hiss we should get one of those group talk shitpacks. that wasn't a nipple, Baz It was a space station Luke: what do you mean? my nipples look pretty good on cam. One of those things where you can talk over the fuckternet. IRC channels? NO TALK SPEAK EMIT SOUND BARK I spake HOWL BITE YIFF Yes, but like more than two people. Unless that was just a lie being told. Seriously, can I go now? Yeah, piss off. nipple then go! :<< beh wooo! sorry i forgot myself ^_^ Yay and woo [camera froze, I want more Although it froze just before the nipple heh I love this song, you bitch al green? Aye And yes, make with the nipple whenever oscar pisses me off, he sings this at me so i hate it No, YOU make with the nippe, Baz but i'll let you listen everyone has to sing along :<< lets stay together, al green shhh, baz is havinga moment shhh yourself nick, i'll play it for you when baz dies okies and you have to sing along its the law thelaw heh I can't make noise tonight but I can listen and mime :) that'll work this *is* a great song and maybe whisper realllyquietly even if #15 gheyed it up at me is baz home alone or what? Nah man Parents sleeping groovy and they don't wake up to you singing like al green I'm done I hope not :) Anyway, Macca, mac with the nipples hAIR Hand *** Signoff: Luke (Ping timeout) hmm? freese Didn't count BOOBIES wellthen *** Luke ( has joined channel #afsjjbddd *** Mode change "+oa Luke Luke" for channel #afsjjbddd by ChanServ i'm in a groovy mood otis redding now Yay so thats nipple for nipple nick, you're cute i just want you to know heh, thanks :) How desperate you look :) But ye, I still haven't seen the nipple you sooo did Nah man we didn't, ginger. freeze and hair and hands, girl The camera froze before it I saw the nipple Ignore Nick, he's lying You would see, this is where i realize you're conning me into excessive nippleage Seriously, Macca, we wouldn't do that We just need equal rights Otherwise sexism will always exist i see i'm becoming suddenly paranoid I believe it was Shakespeare who wrote "A nipple for a nipple" ginger: aww ^_^ Missed it don't make me tell you again look My penis was in the way you're going to have to go to (Link: for more nipple than that and i know you clicked Hhehe :) I did Fuck off Is that your new site? i just made that up, silly Anyway, I need sleep, I'm working in 36 hours though i lik eit And dogs in 8 hours like it oh sure And you're teasing me with Otis, bitch get your nipple and run Hhah You knew the bargain you're just like all the other guys Big and better than you? my theme song my nipple's bigger and better so there My nipple ould beat your nipple up anyday don't make me challenge you to a nipple-off ... nipples at high noon Hhaha oh i just realized you can probably hear me singing Nick's got your camera on 300 zoom? that too lets all raise an eyebrow ohoh did you see my party trick? LET MY PENIS GO Said Moses unto the king I missed it Did it involve nipples? watch the tongue i can flip it upside down Yeah, great... very handy you know it turns you on Nick, stop grinning like that ilke what? Right, I'm off, take care kids okies, night baz night bazzu Macca, you still owe me a nipple. i'll nipple you later I gave you my left, and you made me settle for your right. hmmm trade off, then "get the nipple on you" sounds like a KoL attack heh ok, i'm not drinking fast enough We done? Bye Nick bye Baz! wait Get your hands nearer the keyboard camgirl pose Hurrah i have attitude Bye kids and i'm not afraid to show it You rock! night nights *** Signoff: Baz (NIPPLES) *** Disconnected from Session Close (#afsjjbddd): Mon Aug 30 02:18:51 2004 Session Start ( Mon Aug 30 14:07:31 2004 *** Now talking in #afsjjbddd. *** Topic of #afsjjbddd: (Link: | calendar updated ;) | 8936. *** Set by Nickkat 1111 minutes ago *** Users on #afsjjbddd: Bazzington @deblon @Nickkat TheLaw bz2 Helios *** End of /NAMES list. -ChanServ- (#afsjjbddd) Welcome to #afsjjbddd. You're doomed, basically. *** Mode for channel #afsjjbddd is "+snr" *** Channel #afsjjbddd was created at Tue Jun 29 10:51:47 2004 *** Join to #afsjjbddd completed in 0 seconds. Heyhey baz Hey *** Bazzington is now known as Baz -NickServ- This nickname is registered and protected. If it is your nickname, type /msg NickServ IDENTIFY password. Otherwise, please choose a different nickname. -NickServ- If you do not change within one minute, I will change your nickname. -> *nickserv* identify 345689 -NickServ- Password incorrect. -> *nickserv* identify 345789 -NickServ- Password incorrect. how's you? Guesstlike *** Baz is now known as Bazz I see. *** Bazz is now known as Baz -NickServ- This nickname is registered and protected. If it is your nickname, type /msg NickServ IDENTIFY password. Otherwise, please choose a different nickname. -NickServ- If you do not change within one minute, I will change your nickname. -> *nickserv* identify 345619 -NickServ- Password accepted -- you are now recognized. *** Mode change "+o Baz" for channel #afsjjbddd by ChanServ There we go Hi hi What be up? Did um, you tape Magnolia, btw? No, I sure didn't. K. Anyways, I gots to get washed :) Loserfag heh (I can still see the screen) Sure oh also, i had years of typing class, nick ah, groovy you should get the MS ones, then. They're really confortable. (Link: Hey, you got yours done i forgot i even put in a request for one Aye, me too until just now i thought it was spam at first I like how atob is in the middle and you're not. ah, groovy ye, what is that about I should search my spam folder for that, maybe. What was the subject line? your mindmap is ready Nick If you've had it It'd be at (Link: ? wow That's a very good point. Okay, I've ordered it since I can't remember if I'd done so before Yes, I'm a clever shit, innit? I should order the colour one, the money goes to help beat George Bush [up]. heh why are some of ginger's friends in square brackets, incidentally? No, it goes to John Kerry, which is a waste Baz: he's not George Bush, so there. no idea Everyone knows the Green Party will storm the vote heh That would be great. Yeah, no-one would be allowed to fly into the country And thusly, no-one out of the country I'm all for it Baz, that happens already! Yesh anyway, as long as ginger left first, sure :) You would say that Pervo Perverson Wow I like that name You don't deserve it THen I pity your children. Oh my yes (Link: HAHA Awful There's two puns on that I hadn't heard before, so there :) Although frankly if they were appealing to the slashwriters, it ought to be "his chamber of secrets" :<< (Link: hahahahahahahaha hahah Didn't Mr. Murdoch intro them to me? Probably Charlie, Baz I thought you did I don't remember ever going to collegemix myself. But shurgu No, a recipe page for them, man heh I don't remember that either. Anyway, I gots to go do chores now. MAKE MUTANT BOY Someone remind me to do that and watch SB later There ISN'T a SB, you fuck Just a cool, really difficult game ok i don't know what to do with myself today and i really wish #15 would call I'm sure you can think of a few things.. :) kait woke up worried today 'did baz really hear me say he was hot?' Heh beh i need to do something before i get in a mood NICK NICK BUCH CASSIDY BUTCH AND THE SUNDANCE KID SOON ON I know, I'm taping it :) Oh K I was just going to shout at you :) I've started watching it and we have it on DVD, crazy. * Nickkat huggles ginger Actually, I'm gonna log off and watch it So bye kids okies enjoy :) *** Signoff: Baz (fsdfgh) *** Disconnected from Session Close (#afsjjbddd): Mon Aug 30 15:43:00 2004 Session Start ( Mon Aug 30 16:41:54 2004 *** Now talking in #afsjjbddd. *** Topic of #afsjjbddd: (Link: | calendar updated ;) | 8936. *** Set by Nickkat 1266 minutes ago *** Users on #afsjjbddd: Baz @deblon @Nickkat TheLaw bz2 Helios *** End of /NAMES list. -ChanServ- (#afsjjbddd) Welcome to #afsjjbddd. You're doomed, basically. *** Mode change "+o Baz" for channel #afsjjbddd by ChanServ *** Mode for channel #afsjjbddd is "+snr" *** Channel #afsjjbddd was created at Tue Jun 29 10:51:47 2004 *** Join to #afsjjbddd completed in 0 seconds. Hi Baz Hi The "Strong Bas e-mail" was "good" Oh, it exists now? No, that's why I inverted comma'd it Oh, jekr (Link: - watch this if you have NOTHING to whine about, then heh Yay I like how out DVD controller for the player that isn't even here can still turn the volume down Yeah, they're good like that. It's the only one near me, so Also, who the hell watching BC&TSK would want a Jamelia ringtone for their mobile phone? heh *** Luke ( has joined channel #afsjjbddd *** Mode change "+oa Luke Luke" for channel #afsjjbddd by ChanServ >:( What's up, Luke? Angry faces! >:<< no, that's silly. hehe Hi Luek NEW MUTANT BOY UP Hi. there... therei s? Baz: I'm working on it now. Yay Uploadz0ring. *** Nickkat has changed the topic on channel #afsjjbddd to (Link: | 8936. Urgh You've fallen into the "we're a comic" phase of a comic series heh I hate those phases :'( I'll admit I expected that from you, though I assume I'll have thought of an original idea by tomorrow. Hhaha, sure All your viewers will be busy then oh? I have jobs!? What about Luke and Ginger and all the other puppets? They actually read your comics? Apparently. Oh I'm not reading it any more, it fell into that "we're a comic" phase. heh As opposed to the phase of the comic where the comic isn't a comic? I still don't get why you bother. No, as opposed to the phase of the comic where the characters aren't aware of being in a comic. Okay, I'll ignore the comicy bit next time. NO YOU CAN'T DO THAT NOW JUST ACCEPT YOUR FATE Nick, BCATSK has finished now sniffle. Re: You stopping the tape/whatever oh, it'll do that itself when it reaches the end. STROKE FILLS UP K. Since one of them is on a DVD I'm bored now. Make Mutant Boy No. I'm out of creativity until this evening. And evenings are for writing CF. Which Luke is kinda helping me on Which I'm *kinda* in. heh Uhm. Oh. I just lost half an hour of backscroll. But it's back! Yeah yeah, the backscroll is back. I agree with Baz. Back from its magical journey. beeeeans Electric_Monk can't code for cookies. Why am I using his IRC client again? Why would an IRC client use cookies? Colin presumably does. He loves snacks. Hush, I was nerding out. NERD (Link: heh hhahaaha make that into a series. hehe yes, do. :<< And we'll see how long it takes before they STOP being aware of being in a comic "they"? The character. (s) I don't know what comic you were reading There was only one character YES BUT YOU MIGHT ADD MORE "MIGHT" More like WILL THE AUTHOR IS SO BAD, I COULDN'T TELL IF THERE WAS ONE CHARACTER OR MORE THE ARTIST KEPT NOT BEING VERY GOOD LOL HA HA THAT IS TRUE * Nickkat laughs (Link: hehe HAHAHA NO PUNCHLINE AND YET IT IS THE PUNCHLINE IN A SENSE Oh? A searing commentary on the human condition. Great eBayer A++++!! BTW Who likes my comics, really? I likehate them. If that's what you mean Is that good? Being a 4.2milliannaire I forget. Being a 4.15 millionaire, it slipped my mind. Ah I forget so much I'm really a 4.37millionnaire I forget so much but not your password as I HACK YOUR ACCOUNT :<< Oh I mean 4.419178millionnaire you mean wretched scab. YAY ORAL HEALTH MONTH IS COMING ^_^ No blow jobs for you, Mr Baz. Gee Every months oral health month! lol Oh Yes Remember how Busted ripped me off by doing 3am? I sure do Yeah, McFly are aboard the bandwagon now with "That Girl" Doom! I expect some jerks to release "Hair Sitar" anytime soon :) Also You guys aren't helping me with waac ideas? waac? See, you don't even care about it Oh, you saw right through me. Oh, I have dinner now See you later! Fuck you "They're a bunch of idiots. Their car is pretty great though. It's theirs, right? Because there's another one similar to it in the next street. Let's let its tyres down." WTF? What? Is that a grammar exercise thing? I don't know, it's Nick LJ Right. It would appear to be showing off that he knows the different between their, they're and there. Also the other two things I don't care about. Oh Ye it's its, isn't it? Yes. (what?) :) (Link: quite Hi you again haha @ ginger's link yes, me again whatcha up to? Hating you A good pasttime. Sure We're going to watch Butch Cassidy Etc tonight. K. They edited some bits, which stinks' what for? Swearing and not-even-nudity :( Stupid Channel Five Srupid LAWS, more like *Stupid But yeah, they edited out too much, so guaranteed you'll be like "What's with the girl?" and "Why did I laugh one less time than I should have?" heh Oh well. Ooh, I'm going to be watching King Arthur tomorrow. Poor you oh? Yeah It's apparently terrible, didn't you hear? And you're too gay to Keira it. IT HAS KIERA NIGHTLY IN IT You did that just me make me hate you, didn't you? *to make :) * Nickkat scoots off Gioodg YAY Dog's pulled a muscle *** Signoff: Baz (your mummmmmmmmmmm) *** Disconnected from Session Close (#afsjjbddd): Mon Aug 30 19:35:29 2004 Session Start ( Tue Aug 31 10:31:04 2004 *** Now talking in #afsjjbddd. *** Topic of #afsjjbddd: (Link: | 8936. *** Set by Nickkat 1034 minutes ago *** Users on #afsjjbddd: Baz Nick|INBED Luke Helios bz2 fuzzie @deblon TheLaw *** End of /NAMES list. -ChanServ- (#afsjjbddd) Welcome to #afsjjbddd. You're doomed, basically. *** Mode change "+o Baz" for channel #afsjjbddd by ChanServ *** Mode for channel #afsjjbddd is "+snr" *** Channel #afsjjbddd was created at Tue Jun 29 10:51:47 2004 *** Join to #afsjjbddd completed in 0 seconds. Session Close (#afsjjbddd): Tue Aug 31 11:56:04 2004 Session Start ( Tue Aug 31 20:58:57 2004 *** Now talking in #afsjjbddd. *** Topic of #afsjjbddd: (Link: | 8936. *** Set by Nickkat 1662 minutes ago *** Users on #afsjjbddd: Baz TheOne bz2 @deblon @Nickkat @Luke Helios fuzzie *** End of /NAMES list. -ChanServ- (#afsjjbddd) Welcome to #afsjjbddd. You're doomed, basically. *** Mode change "+o Baz" for channel #afsjjbddd by ChanServ *** Mode for channel #afsjjbddd is "+snr" *** Channel #afsjjbddd was created at Tue Jun 29 10:51:47 2004 *** Join to #afsjjbddd completed in 0 seconds. Hi Baz its a baz! Hi bz2: yes with her scary friend fuzzie: Doom. Scary friend? she has some friend she met in therapy sessions She seemed nice enough. she spends all her waking hours with her, or it seems so Oh. Heh. ^_^ brb That just weirds me out. I'm sure she's fine. But it makes it obvious that she doesn't have anything to do with me through choice, rather than through any inability. Is your mother turning into a lesbian or what. *that* is what weirds me out :P Oh. I doubt it. Awww. :/ I mean, considering her total lack of hormones, I doubt she's going to be doing anything sexual. ;p So what. You of all people should know that's irrelevant :P lesbian n 1: a female homosexual [syn: {tribade}, {gay woman}] and homosexual means .. sexual attraction to your own sex. and being sexually attracted is something sexual. Bah. blimey ? I don't know what I ate today, but my bowels sure don't like it. eek. Sexual attraction should be irrelvant. bz2: not to homosexuality. *** Signoff: Baz (lat0rz) *** Disconnected from Session Close (#afsjjbddd): Tue Aug 31 21:21:21 2004 Session Start ( Wed Sep 01 13:44:49 2004 *** Now talking in #afsjjbddd. *** Topic of #afsjjbddd: (Link: | 8936. *** Set by Nickkat 2668 minutes ago *** Users on #afsjjbddd: Baz FroynLaven Atob TheOne bz2 @Nickkat @Luke Helios *** End of /NAMES list. -ChanServ- (#afsjjbddd) Welcome to #afsjjbddd. You're doomed, basically. *** Mode change "+o Baz" for channel #afsjjbddd by ChanServ *** Mode for channel #afsjjbddd is "+snr" *** Channel #afsjjbddd was created at Tue Jun 29 10:51:47 2004 *** Join to #afsjjbddd completed in 1 seconds. Session Close (#afsjjbddd): Wed Sep 01 14:09:30 2004 Session Start ( Wed Sep 01 14:09:53 2004 *** Now talking in #afsjjbddd. *** Topic of #afsjjbddd: (Link: | 8936. *** Set by Nickkat 2693 minutes ago *** Users on #afsjjbddd: Baz FroynLaven Atob TheOne bz2 @Nickkat @Luke Helios *** End of /NAMES list. *** Mode for channel #afsjjbddd is "+snr" *** Channel #afsjjbddd was created at Tue Jun 29 10:51:47 2004 *** Join to #afsjjbddd completed in 0 seconds. *** Signoff: FroynLaven ( *** Signoff: TheOne ( *** Signoff: Atob ( *** TheOne ( has joined channel #afsjjbddd *** Atob ( has joined channel #afsjjbddd *** FroynLaven ( has joined channel #afsjjbddd -NickServ- This nickname is registered and protected. If it is your nickname, type /msg NickServ IDENTIFY password. Otherwise, please choose a different nickname. -NickServ- If you do not change within one minute, I will change your nickname. -ChanServ- (#afsjjbddd) Welcome to #afsjjbddd. You're doomed, basically. -> *nickserv* identify password 345619 -NickServ- Password incorrect. -> *nickserv* identify password 345169 -NickServ- Password incorrect. *** Baz: Nickname is already in use. *** Nickname already in use. Please choose another (/nick {name}). *** Baz is now known as Bazz *** Bazz is now known as Baz -NickServ- This nickname is registered and protected. If it is your nickname, type /msg NickServ IDENTIFY password. Otherwise, please choose a different nickname. -NickServ- If you do not change within one minute, I will change your nickname. -> *nickserv* identify password 345619 -NickServ- Password incorrect. *** Baz is now known as Bazz *** Bazz has changed the topic on channel #afsjjbddd to (Link: | 8896. *** Signoff: Bazz (smfugy) *** Disconnected from Session Close (#afsjjbddd): Wed Sep 01 15:15:35 2004 Session Start ( Wed Sep 01 21:10:51 2004 *** Now talking in #afsjjbddd. *** Topic of #afsjjbddd: (Link: | 8896. *** Set by Bazz 386 minutes ago *** Users on #afsjjbddd: Bazz FroynLaven Atob TheOne fuzzie @deblon bz2 @Nickkat @Luke Helios *** End of /NAMES list. *** Mode for channel #afsjjbddd is "+snr" *** Channel #afsjjbddd was created at Tue Jun 29 10:51:47 2004 *** Join to #afsjjbddd completed in 0 seconds. -ChanServ- (#afsjjbddd) Welcome to #afsjjbddd. You're doomed, basically. hi Bazzzzzz. Hi fuuzzzzzo How be you? i'm okay. Awesome Where's all the other cool cats? they're all DEAD i'm sorry Great They're all dead, Dave. oh i'll show you dead Please don't. oh fine i won't, then * deblon puts the body back in the closet Honey, i'm baaaaaa-aaaaack Oh Fuzzie Read Othello reply to the entry, or i'll forget :P othello is about the plight or nature i learnt that K. in english they should build keyboards with little trackballs built in to them i learnt that u smel, in english. then people wouldn't need mice and we could have smaller desls desks and trees would be saved and global warming would be reduced Sure now come give me a cuddle bazz But, you'd need more wood to fill mouse-holes nono, you stuff them with poison cheese HAHAH Oh. That isn't actually funny. Sorry :D you are so wrong bz2: you're such a slag Why'd you need poison cheese if there's NO MICE? to feed to you like caesar;s grapes :D But I'd die Who'd want that? nonsense you wouldnt die thats just an urban myth what kind of poison, i want to know (Link: Baby Wet Ones this is a great site, thanks *** Nickkat has left #afsjjbddd oh i'm wandering off for a minute or so or 10 K back *** Disconnected from Session Close (#afsjjbddd): Wed Sep 01 22:14:47 2004