Wes Hutchings

Rank on the Costanza Falcon:
The Man Who Changed the Charter

See, Liam Neeson wasn't actually in TPM...

About Wes:

Ah! The man who changed the charter, officially at least. Second to Jar Jar, this man deserves all the compliments you can give him. Being Wes, he'll also take all the insults from AFS, but we don't mention that newsgroup over here.

His first post to AFSJJBDDD was in reply to a Jar Jar hater, the one-time rulers of the group:
"You can hate anyone you want. Hating what ammounts to a cartoon, seems a little silly. If you want to see how convincing someone can be in a rubber suit then look at the neimodians. wes"
This mutual non-dislike for Jar Jar sometime changed to liking the character. That in turn progressed to the point where he suggested guerilla warfare on the Jar Jar haters. Guerilla warfare is, to my inderstanding, surprising your enemy into submission with acts such as jumping out of bushes and beating your chest in an Aglamian-like way.

Unfortunately, Wes had to leave us, despite our pleading with one Star Wars quote in particular, but his gorilla spirit lives on.

In the opening months of 2004, we got in contact with Wes to find out what was happening, it only seemed right to converse with the main man. It does seem that his life both on and off the internet has been unsavoury, and the chances of Wes ever coming back to AFSJJBDDD seem slim. However, we eternally invite him to re-join the group, and we'd all love for him to see the success his group has become. In the off chance that Wes is reading this, we do thank you for everyone you've done to the place, and you're always welcome to join in the fun.