The Threatener

Look at that eeeevil glint in his eyes...

About The Threatener:

Threatener first made himself a servant of Jar Jar when he posted a particularly ironic post when someone mentioned the curse of AFSJJBDDD (only five posters can exist at a time), with
"6 and meesa da lurker"

Threatener is some kind of computer systems expert, or something. He has a really annoying little brother or cousin or something called "mike", who plagued us with his presence before getting bored and leaving. Threatener is an avid Jar Jar fan, and knows his SW stuff to the point he doesn't know it. But hey, we like answering questions.

Threatener lives a life of fear, fear of butterflies. I daresay he also fears his wife and two kids, he should do, they're jeopardising his amount of time that he gets to spend with us. Also, one of his children is Jesus, seriously.

The Threatener enjoys not painting fences, and has a weird fondness for blood and vampires, which personally, gives me the heebie jeebies. He's a generally great guy who loves posting at the group, and even suffers through Google if he has to, just to post to us. He also looks pretty strong, and I wouldn't like to get in a fight with him, that's for sure.