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We're on IRC!

Yes, it's true! Jostein seems to know what the hell IRC stands for, so he set us up a channel.

I suppose you want details as well? Yes? No? Fine, I'll write them then.

Channel: #afsjjbddd

What is IRC?

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat, which is a part of the Internet separate from the World Wide Web, which sounds horrible but actually isn't. Usenet is also separate from the Web, and that's not scary, is it? IRC is used mostly for chat purposes, like having AOL Instant Messenger of MSN Messenger in front of you.

So why use it when Messenger's around?

Don't ask me, I'm just telling you about it!

So how do I get to it?

Just like anything on the Internet, you need a program that recognises the particular protocol (IRC pros, please tell me if I'm talking bullshit here, thanks). The Web has Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator (among others), usenet has OE and several better alternatives, and IRC has quite a few programs that you can use as well.
  • Trillian: also connect to ICQ, and to the MSN, Yahoo and AOL Messengers. Free and pro versions available.
  • mIRC: This is what most people use to connect to IRC. It's a little basic, but if you're only connecting to the Internet for IRC, it's fine. Freeware.
  • Information and help on using IRC, as well as links to other IRC clients.
Or, if you really hate downloads, Luke was kind enough to set up an #afsjjbddd Java applet at Click here to go to it.