Emperor / SGHB

Here's a picure of him 15 years ago, resembling Jango Fett, IMO.

About Emperor:

Despite his first post here being "Welcome Back Wes ! :)", 5 June 2001, he only joined properly after seemingly getting withdrawal simptons, or something. Empy's the webmaster of GalacticEmpire.co.uk.

It's very difficult to find something about Star Wars that Palpy doesn't already know. But before his head gets too big, he does hate the EU with a vengeance and thusly isn't the "perfect human being" according to Nick.

I believe he's married and his wife has had a baby, but that hasn't got anything to do with AFSJJBDDD, so I'm not going to mention it. :o)

He's a clumsy kinda guy, he still hangs around AFS, while refuses to come back to AFSJJBDDD, it seems Charlie Maul became too much for him. Well, to him, I say "BAH! No-one can have enough Charlie!".