Nick Murdoch

What he had to say for himself in 2003:

Hi, I'm Nick Murdoch, as you know. I'm NOT CRAZY because I'm a lunatic. In my spare time, I'm a Sith Master. Thankyou very much. And I made this website based on the original one by Kramer. [Only to have it manipulated by Baz]

Rank on the Costanza Falcon:
Self-proclaimed Lord of the Universe / Dark Jedi / Part time chef

He's actually cooking dinner

About Nick:

Nick, or Niick as his clone likes to be called, is, simply put, his. He's the guy behind, and formerly, this website. And you know you haven't got anything else to do, so visit his website [only don't]!

His first post was so similar to Kramer's it proves they must be twins!
I didn't even realise this place existed unil now. I thought it was a joke at AFS

Right, his weirdities....
Or something.
*looks pointedly at Whoever*
<insert something here>

He's also entirely responsible for the Mesa, Senator posting bored. Well, when I say "entirely", I mean he copied the code. And when I say "responsible", I mean it was TE's idea. But the Gunganiser was coded 100% by him, probably why it doesn't work very well...

He is also not writing Episodes VII to IX anymore (in your face, George Lucas! :oD), not maintaining, doing UniStuff.

Nick is still lurking in #afsjjbddd, but he doesn't have nice access to the newsgroup, and thusly doesn't post there. He faffs about with Universities and studies... subjects. He also, well, who am I kidding? He does nothing. He should come back to the group soon after the summer, but that's what he wants us to think.