Rank on the Costanza Falcon:
Jedi Master (ex-afsjjbddd'er)

He's an Aglamian! Mind tricks don't work on him, only money!

About Luke:

Hi. I hear you're hiring. OR ARE YOU LOWERING?!?! It's like a joke.

Anyway, set me free from this bear trap and I'll join this here group here, thanks.

Well, that's Luke. Same sense of humour as Jostein only more extreme and painful.

Luke came from Aglami, but that didn't stop us accepting him, actually, it did, and Luke disappeared for ages. But Luke came back, and promises us that if we ever hear a bad pun, he was within a 10 miles radius of that pun. His hobbies are singing songs with different lyrics than intended, mixing images in ways different than intended, and making flash films that makes you want to laugh/puke. He's nowhere near the group, to be honest. But he still lurks about in #afsjjbddd when he's not doing awesome real life things, which is ALWAYS. Luke writes lots of stuff, well, he aspires to anyway.