George Lucas

What he has to say for himself:

"I love Jar Jar"

Rank on the Costanza Falcon:
God's creator (Jar Jar is our god!)

"If that guy disses Jar Jar once more..."

About George Lucas:

Mr. George Lucas, or "fat-neck" as AFS like to call him, is one hell of a guy, And I don't mean that in an innuendous way! This is the person who invented Star Wars, and we are forever in his debt.

Naturally, we all love George Lucas. He did create Star Wars, and everything within it. He also created an unknown Sci-Fi movie called THX 1138, which Baz and Kramer have both watched and loved. Speaking of movies which Baz and Kramer love, Mr. Lucas also created American Graffiti, which isn't fictional science at all, but still great.

Contrary to popular belief, George Lucas *does* lurk at AFSJJBDDD, this has been proven on various occasions where announces something barely days (okay, weeks) after we've discussed the very same topic. So there's the proof. Dare to dispute it, and you'll have a meeting with the "cheer-up committee"...

In his spare time, George Lucas plots to conquer the world... or something.