"Oh, it's beautiful! Oh, oh, let's put kitz's beautiful drawing up on the fridge!" -- Homer Simpson :o)

About kitznegari

The first word of "kitznegari thinks it has wings", which is her entire posting name, is Japanese for "fox hunter". And as an avid tae kwon do student, she should know. Or perhaps not, but as only the second girl to visit us, I'm sure not going to insult her... well maybe just a little bit.

kitznegari likes X-Files and Star Wars. She also likes mysteriously disappearing.

We were all confused when she left with no warning for a VERY long time. It seems paying your bills isn't as fun as it sounds, and so we lost her for a while. But then she came back, to tell us she was back. She is somewhere now, still alive and playing with her website, I believe.