Jostein Hakestad

What he has to say for himself in 2003:

So what could be said about Jostein Hakestad? Well, for starters, he's me. There, I'm glad that's settled. And I hope you're settled, because I'm going to tell you my life's story. Actually, I think I'll only tell you the first and last word of the story: "I" and "it".

I'm a student, and I do studenty things. I also like the thing what is called Star Wars. Oh, and I collect film music, soundtracks, you see. You[2] are welcome to contact me at my e-mail address.

Rank on the Costanza Falcon:
First Mate

Jostein gets ready to give his peace globe to the Gungans.

About Jostein:

Jostein Hakestad, the irony man. Most commonly know among us crazy folk as "Jostein", some sort of Norwegian name, if you ask me. Which would make sense, being born there and all.

Jostein's latest venture into the "real"-world is not only his online journal, but also a short film for his studies. This film is not only hilarious, it's also really well filmed and directed. Okay, I made that last sentence up.

Jostein was the second person we know to impose himself on the AFSJJBDDDian society. His first comment was to enlighten us for years to come, with
"Ever tried to grill bantha steak in the engine of a T-16 speeder? Crunchy."
This style of humour has plagued us ever since, with the recent addition of Mr. Right Bastard, a hugely comic character.

Jostein tends to lean to his real life adventures moreso. He's been far away from both the newsgroup and the IRC equivalent. He's sulky like that, but he still likes humour, and Indiana Jones, and Star Wars, and Music Of Films. I believe he may still be lurking at Alt.Fan.Porkins, which is fitting, or rather, it's not, because he's been dieting for months and months.