AFSJJBDDD is crazy!

The AFSJJBDDD National Anthem [were AFSJJBDDD to be a nation, that is].

Music by Kramer. Lyrics and Flashyness by Nick Murdoch.

If you're mad enough to want a midi file instead, click here (20Kb)

A F S J J B D D D is crazy!
If you thought you were strange
you should see what we're like!

They changed the charter,
now they will change you!
If you try to escape, Aglami will get you!

Jar Jar Binks is our god
And we love him for it
And that is why we hate
All the Jar Jar haters

A F S J J B D D D is hidden:
It is very hard to find
If you're not a madman

From time to time
George Lucas pops in
But he never says
"An Ally Turns Away"