Jar Jar Binks

What he has to say for himself:

Mesa Jar Jar Binks! Mesa love da webby site, to da maxibig!

Rank on the Costanza Falcon:
God, and stowaway.

Jar Jar changed his mind about the food after Qui-Gon told him about the "special sauce"

About Jar Jar:

He's our god. Full stop.

But to cut a short description into a longer one. Jar Jar is the hero of Star Wars Episodes I & II [and soon to be III]. In his lifetime he's made many changes to his galaxy, and has earned many an admirer. Jar Jar has been invited to every party AFSJJBDDD has ever had [which is approximately zero], but, due to being CGI-based and living in a different galaxy, he has, at this point in time, struggled to make it over. Which is probably a good thing, he'd more than likely eat all the food...