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THE Days Till Competition has been a tight competition ever since it's birth, and the last updation proves this all too strongly. 57 posts have been up for grabs, and many have been stolen as insanity has made it's way into the minds of the competitors. Kramer with his infamous "left till" post which lost him a good opportunity to rack up some points, whilst CK thought it was "says till".

But that leaves Bazzu, insane as ever, to wrap up the mistakes of others, and his tactics have prevailed once again. Baz and CK have been swapping posts for posts, and it couldn't have been closer, with them both getting 22 posts each during the run. This news will, however, serve Baz better, as he gazes longingly towards the end of the race. Bazzu had all the more reason to celebrate, as he was the first person to reach 200 posts, something that he'll be proud about following his other held record of 18 wins in a row.

CK can take satisfaction of becoming part of the 100 club, his posts have caught up on Kramer and Nick "Stable" Murdoch, thought he knows that time is starting to run out. Kramer knocked up 12 points, and still has a good chance of winning the whole thing if he can just motivate himself quickly, once he returns. TT will be estatically happy at getting another whole 1 post to his name, as he makes the gap between him and TE a whopping 3 points now.

One thing's for certain. With 218 more posts to grab, and Bazzu now on 205, the bottom-placed competitors are about to realise the mathematical impossiblites of winning.


THERE'S been a large amount of caution around animated evil character General Grievous, the new bad guy on the block for Star Wars Episode III: An Ally Turns Away. This caution can be eased slightly, as rumours spread about who the voice to be cast could possibly be. Star Wars has always been known to pick people right for the voice, yet people that are rather unknown, however, they seem to be aiming at the top of the names-list for the role of Grievous. AFSJJBDDD is proud to announce that Gary Oldman [known best for his work on Léon: The Professional and more recently, as Sirius Black in the third Harry Potter film], has been rumoured for the role. Oldman's representatives have confirmed that he is in negotiations with the Star Wars team for a voice role, and General Grievous would appear the most likely, as Oldman knows how to play a bad guy all too well, and seems perfect for the role. And naturally, news of such a great actor has excited the AFSJJBDDD guys, especially Bazzu.


DIRECTOR George Lucas recently was interviewed on the title of the final episode of his multi-million franchise Star Wars. When he was asked if it was Rise Of The Empire, he flatly confirmed that it was not. He also stated that it was a title that had been passed around the internet websites.

It is no secret, that George "I Love Jar Jar" Lucas has lurked in the little-known Jar Jar Binks supporting newsgroup in the past: AFSJJBDDD. He even sent the Gungan's voice actor Ahmed Best there to keep an eye on things. It's easily possible that George saw the idea of the title "An Ally Turns Away" and saw it as a good thing. It's also known that Lucas' favourite website is the AFSJJBDDD homepage, and he doesn't have time to go through the pointless Star Wars websites on the internet. So it seems that it couldn't be any other title.

RUMOURS will come to an end when confirmation is made in November, along with the An Ally Turns Away trailer.


COUNT Bazzu remains the leader of the infamous "Days Till AATA" competition, and continues to get more posts under his belt. However, Kramer's hard work has been noticed elsewhere, as he is the top poster to the 2nd known longest thread on the internet; the 880 thread. Kramer has made about 40% of the posts in the 8,000+ posts long thread, and his lead is far safer than Bazzu's is in the "Days Till AATA" competition, which sees Kramer attempting to catch up. When Count Bazzu [full name, Countular Bazzukarasha] was interviewed on the matter, he simply stated "Jeg har bange anelser." Before speedily running away frantically, flailing his arms in a similar way to the way toads don't.