#afsjjbddd is the IRC equivalent of the newsgroup. It's a wondrous place that was created by Jostein Hakestad. It's like, well, an Internet Relay Chat for all your needs. It differs from the newsgroup, in that it's polluted with people like AFSJJBDDD AWOLers Luke Whitmore and Nick Murdoch, and also people like Bz2, Fuzzie, Deblon, and even Shaolin. But I know nothing of these people's work, and I shalln't pretend to care either. Baz is also a regular in there, mostly to gloat about the greatness of the 880 thread, and that's about it. Faces like Coordination Kid appear now and then as does Charlie Maul, who tends to notify us that "HIS HOUSE IS ON FIRE! HIS HOUSE IS ON FIRE!"

Should, for some crazy reason, you would like to join the place, feel free to drop in. If you have IRC-capable programs [and seriously, who doesn't!?] then join the server IRC.SLASHNET.ORG and the channel #AFSJJBDDD. It's as easy as that. But, if you're down and in trouble, and you need a helping hand, Fuzzie was a kind enough gal to create this thingy which entitles you to join in the fun straight away.

And who knows, you might be lucky enough to encounter the hilarity of a BazQuiz, if he's drunk enough, otherwise Nick's there to bore you with Futurama quotes [seriously].