Many moons ago [just before Attack Of The Clones came out], The Executor began counting the days down to the believed release date of Star Wars Episode III: An Ally Turns Away. We're talking 1000s of days here, and, every day, one member would post the notification of how many days remained till we would be at the cinemas watching the last episode of the new trilogy. Of course, the release date wasn't official then, and so, now with the real date released, we are a few days late [it didn't help when Kramer counted down from 1101 straight to 1000 days, and the 100 day loss remained forever].

So far into the run up and we soon wondered who had posted the most days posts. And due to Baz's nature of enjoying statistics, and because of the group's competitive nature, it soon turned into a competition.


Baz Probably Won

Q: So, what's with the "days till AATA" countdown?
A: It's a tradition countdown to 100 days before Episode III. It would have been dead on,
but Kramer can't count backwards, and none of us bothered to check his "maths".

Q: So can I post one?
A: Sure, why not.

Q: HOW do I post one?
A: Well, create a new thread, and title is "xxx days till AATA opening". No more, no less, no
quotes and no full stop. Then write whatever the hell you want inside the message. Also
replace xxx with a link to your favorite porn site, I mean the number of days to go.

Q: WHEN can I post one?
A: At @000 (Swatch Internet Time) on the day of the actual number you're posting at.
@000 is midnight Norwegian time, which is usually 23:00 GMT.

-- the afsjjbddd faq

N.B. These stats are updated about every two months, and not on a daily, regular basis. This is claimed to make it more exciting.