The "days till AATA" posts were always a major success amongst the members of AFSJJBDDD. But on one 23/08/02, it was, supposedly, 880 days till the release of Episode III: An Ally Turns Away.

The Executor won the post. Nick Murdoch replied. The Executor replied. Nick Murdoch replied. This cycle happened several times, and it wasn't long till AFSJJBDDD were host to a thread with over 100 posts in it. It continued to grow, and also lived a short life whilst cross-posted to Alt.Games.Lucas-Arts.Monkey-Island. The thread grew larger and bigger, and was soon experiencing life in the 1000s. It was then in May 2004, when things really changed. Baz, Kramer, CK and TT were all having rather a lot of time to theirselves, and things just went remarkably shocking, going from 3500 to 6000 posts within week. Soon enough, the 880 thread was over 6000. Usenet is home to many long threads, and AFSJJBDDD knew that they did indeed have a very long thread. What soon happened was that they realised that 2 threads had little over 1000 more posts than them. It barely took a week for the thread to get to the number of 7600 posts.

It is now believed that the "880 days till AATA opening" thread is the SECOND LONGEST THREAD IN HISTORY, there has been found to be only one longer thread, which consists of 23,000+ posts, impressive. But one guarantee can be made, the AFSJJBDDDers will post and post until they can achieve the unbelievable, and undreamable feat of having the longest thread known to man. Despite the longest thread being cross-posted among 5 different newsgroups, the 880 thread even now seems to be catching it up, slowly but surely.