2002 saw the release of Episode II: Attack Of The Clones, and already people were trying to guess the title of Episode III. Alt.Fan.StarWars used to contain the members of AFSJJBDDD, it is where we all seem to have started. However, we had realised it wasn't full of sense by that time. Someone who was full of sense was The Executor. Who claimed he KNEW the title of Episode III. He also gave a very long explaination as to why. Now, we must wait until November 2004, to find out if The Executor was right. If, on that month, it is announced that the title is as we hope, or at the very least, follows The Exectuor's rules then AFSJJBDDD will have earned a moral victory over the flailing AFS. The following is a re-post of the exact words and terminology used by The Executor when he first announce the title of Star Wars Episode III.

13 Jan 2002 08:57:17 GMT - It is a cold morning, and The Executor is about to post...

OK, before I will reveal to you what I think the title of Episode III is going to be, I feel that I must tell you why the movie will get the following title.

The titles of Episode I and IV are somewhat similar. "A New Hope" and "The Phantom Menace" are both titles containing a deeper meaning related to them. You will have to watch the movies in order to find out what the titles mean. Also, neither the good guys nor the bad guys are mentioned in either title, the titles merely relate to them. Episode I relates to the bad guys, whereas Episode IV relates to the good guys.

You will find the same similarities in Episode II and V. Just by looking at the title "The Empire Strikes Back", you know that the Empire will attack the Rebellion before even seeing the movie. "Attack Of The Clones" is the same. We already know that there will be clones in the movie, and that they're going to attack. We also know that the movie will take place during the Clone Wars. Also, the bad guys are mentioned in Episode V while the good guys are mentioned in Episode II.

In Episode VI, "Return Of The Jedi," the good guys are mentioned in the title, and the title has multiple meanings. It is clear that George Lucas will find a similar title for Episode III.

This clearly proves that the first, second and final instalment of each trilogy has something in common.

Also, to make the pattern more complicated, each pair (I & IV, II & V, III & VI) are either opposed or equal to one another. Let me explain:

The 1st instalment: In the title ANH, the New Hope is directly related to the victory for the Rebellions, while "The Phantom Menace" is the mystery of the Sith. These titles are opposed to each other; Good and Bad. Grammatically they are also opposed, yet similar; in Episode IV they have used the word "a" while they have used the opposite word in Episode I: "the." The titles also contain 3 words, and are pretty similar in that way.

The 2nd instalment: These two movies are similarities, not dissimilarities. They have used the word "strike" in Episode V, and the word "attack" in Episode II; two words that virtually mean the same thing. Grammatically, though, they are built up differently. Since "Attack of the Clones" is built up in the same manner as "Return of the Jedi", and "A New Hope" and "The Phantom Menace" is also built up the same way, there can no doubt that Episode III will resemble "The Empire Strikes Back".

All of this has been done intentionally!
I see it all too clearly now:

Episode I & IV:
Titles have profound meanings, neither side is mentioned and titles are dissimilar in meaning.

Episode II & V:
Titles have obvious meanings.

And so...

Episode III & VI:
Titles have multiple meanings.

You see the pattern?

This excludes titles like "Collapse of the Republic" and "Rise of the Empire."

It cannot be "Fall of the Jedi", because there cannot be the word "Jedi" in two titles. The title has to be one with several possible meanings, and it has to mention the bad guy(s).

And this is where I tell you how I have reached my conclusion about the title of Episode III. Grammar is something George really likes to toy with.

Episode I and Episode IV have rather similar titles:

The Phantom Menace
A New Hope
{Article} {Adjective} {Noun}

Episode II and Episode VI also have similar titles:

Attack of the Clones
Return of the Jedi
{Noun} of the {Good guys or bad guys}

Episode V has the following title:

The Empire Strikes Back
{Article} {Good guys or bad guys} {Verb} {Adverb}

The pattern is still the same, see?

Also, the good/bad guy reference is set up using the title's noun, like this, with alternating good guy / bad guy connotations:
Menace: Bad guys
Clones: Good guys
{Noun}: Bad guys
Hope: Good guys
Empire: Bad guys
Jedi: Good guys
So the following criteria is set for the title of Episode III:
It must refer to the bad guys
It must have the identical grammatical build-up as Episode V No words may be taken from another title; i.e. "Jedi," "Empire," etc. (This is common film practice)
It must have multiple meanings
It must also contain certain dissimilarities from Episode V, as well as the similarities, which have been already mentioned.
So this is my personal opinion on what Episode III will be called:

It all makes perfect sense.

It has multiple meanings, because the Republic has several allies, as has Palpatine. Someone, if not several people, are bound to change sides in the dark time that is Episode III.

But most importantly, Anakin, who is an ally for the Jedi, will change sides too.

The dissimilarities with this title from Episode VI are that "a" has replaced "the" from "The Empire Strikes Back," like between Episode I & IV. The verb "Turn" has also replaced "Return" from Episode VI.

And the grammar matches that of "The Empire Strikes Back," just like it does in Episode I and IV and Episode II and V.

Disclaimer: This is just a possible title, there could be other titles, but it HAS to follow this rule (no, really!).