The Executor

Rank on the Costanza Falcon:
Gungan Lord of the Sith, and "not such a bad pilot!"

Classic Gungan clumsiness

About Executor:

Another man from Norway, TE hates the place, despite the recent filming of some kind of space film there in nineteen-seventy-something. He moved to Austrailia to go to University! "Ha!" all the idiots muttered. "Wot u need univ. for NEway?"

TE started his long reign as funny-guy with his first post asking
"How do gungans reproduce? Well?
Needless to say, we ignored him from then on :o)

TE's weirdities include, but are not limited to:
*eyes whoever suspiciously*
"Did you also hear that if you do not enter the pyramid before the sun strikes on that very morning, then the bracelet will suck the lives out of you?"
"The bracelet, Kramer, the bracelet!"
"I killed them! I killed all of them! And not just the men, but the women and the children too. They're animals, and I killed them like animals! I HATE them!"
"Serenity now!"
"Ah!</Thrawn mode>"
And so on. You get the idea. This guy has the most injokes of all of us put together. Or so we're told...

One of the greatest things about TE, according to Bazzu, is that he allowed Baz to invent the term "Ozwegian", which Baz laughed about for months and months. TE did return to the newsgroup for a week in 2004, to tell us that he was still slightly troubled to get nice access to the newsgroup. So we expect him to return fully soon, or there'll be hell to pay *shakes fist*.