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Featuring your favorite characters from AFSJJBDDD and not Seinfeld.

Series 1 "DVD"! (not a real DVD)

Total running time approx 30 mins, average episode length approx 2:20 mins.
Please note that loading screens will not display while using the "DVD"... please be patient!

Watch the individual episodes:
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12
Series Two:
Series Two trailer - 20 May 2003

Episode "n" - Made at Luke's request. 2:00 min, 270 KB - 31 March 2003
Easter Special 2003 15 mins, 2636 KB - 7 April 2003
Costanza's Club for Upstanding Gentlemen 3 minutes, ~800 Kb - 22nd May 2003

Links and stuff:
Get your own back on telemarketters with the CF sound-board!
About Costanza Falcon and it's characters
Link to Costanza Falcon
Other AFSJJBDDD comics (prequels and sequels to CF!)
E-mail me. Gowaaan.

Recent news:

14 April 2003: I made a sound board for CF. So, if you get plagued by people trying to sell you something over the phone, you can got your own back on them with a selection of thrity phrases recorded in the CF voice!

7 April 2003: Baz is aparently working on 1961, plus BIG FAT EASTER SPECIAL UP NOW!

12 March 2003: Costanza Falcon 1138's first episode is now out! Click on the timeline below to go to it! Also, all the links on the timeline now work. We're still waiting on Count Bazzu for the first episode of That 60s CF Show; he assures us it will be soon. Where "assures" means he didn't.

The Great AFSJJBDDD Saga:


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