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About Costanza Falcon

CF is the creation of Nick Murdoch, a humble low-life who controls the earth, universe and everything, where "earth universe and everything" means Flash. He's got an Art GCSE, but that doesn't mean he can draw, and so stick men are the limits of his imagination. Also, making legs move is certainly too much effort and so that only gets done for one-off cartoons such as the Drunken Olympics and suchlike.

In his spare time, Nick is a lunatic psycotic fishmonger. Where lunatic psycotic fishmonger means student. Soon he'll be off to University with a new laptop, and who knows what he'll get up to there. Seriously, he doesn't know, but that doesn't matter since he'll probably spend so much time in a drunken stupor that he won't remember afterwards anyway.

CF was inspired by the newsgroup, which came into existance in 1999 and was shortly a Jar Jar hate group until everyone there realised they actually liked the Gungan and turned him into their God. Bazzu, Nick, Kramer, Executor, Threatener, and Jostein are actually real peopleŚwell, they claim that they're real; in fact, Nick is that guy I was talking about aboveŚbut they've all given me the right to mess around with their hair-styles as well as their personalities for the cartoon. So what I'm saying is, all characters in this cartoon are fictional and any resemblance to any person, living or preferably dead, is purely coincidental. Where coincidental means not so. But only for those characters and any other sad individuals who have asked for the glory of being a star for five seconds or so.

Also, all voices, including celebrities', are imitated. And not very well either.

Anyway, the name Costanza Falcon, which if you hadn't already figured it out, is the name of the ship in the cartoon (and also the name of the cartoon itself), and was thought of by Kramer, and was most likely ripped off of both Seinfeld and Star Wars, but Costanza could be a random name and "falcon" on it's own certainly isn't a trademark owned by George Lucas, so I'm in the clear. Ha.

Also, I'm obliged by law, where law means not law, to put in the websites of the real Bazzu, Executor, Threatener, Nick, Kramer, and Jostein here, so here you go:

Bazzu's website
Executor doesn't have a website; here's his info page at !afsjjbddd
Kramer, well, his band's site is the closest he's got to a homepage

So there.