Charlie Maul

What he has to say for himself:

Charlie Maul: Wanna-be extreme poster with little sense of his surroundings. Likes to walk his kids and collect dust bunnies. Former Glam Rocker now retired the lipstick and mascara and settled down. He's reproducing. He wipes sitting down.

What others thought of him:
> People usually stop using the old " I am 100 times better than you
> at everything" line in grade 3. What's your excuse? Do you realize how
> infantile it sounds? With your brains, your kid will surely grow up to be
> one mighty fine gas station attendant...


Rank on the Costanza Falcon:
First Seaman

Yes, he's the one with the goatee, not the babe.

About Charlie Maul:

Charlie.Maul, as he was know back then, posted his first just a few days after fitwells. It's obviously not a sign, so I'll leave it at that.

CM contents himself by posting fairly regularly, and whenever he starts a new thread, you can guarentee it'll look something like this:

*insert link here*

*insert brief comment, usually lowering the tone, here*

So now you know. Also, he's good for a laugh at random points in threads :o)