Count Bazzu

What he has to say for himself:

So, like, I'm Bazzu, Hi! Uhhh, so, how about I talk about my hobbies? Well, I like watching movies, especially a scientific fiction B-Movie which is 25 years old. I have my own website, which just contains a collection of weird stuff, because I'm, well, weird. I go to school, and am in the process of failing my GCSEs, I do judo to make me look impressive and fantastical, and I like socks.

Oh and there was once this puppy that saw me, and it's tail was really short, and it came up to me trying to wag it, and it was jumping all over me, and it started annoying me, so I kicked it, it was the best day...

Rank on the Costanza Falcon:
Sith Apprentice

The Sith with the awesome power of martial arts!

About Count Bazzu:

Bazzu's one of the people you listen to for a few minutes, and when they stop, you say something along the lines of "Bwaa-hahahahahahahahahaa!!!" That's right: Bazzu is Welsh. However, his redeeming feature is the link to on his website, which is very, uhm, cyan. And pink. Ha.

Bazzu, previous known as Bazilla (and he had some kind of back-story for that in his old signature), appeared before us and said, "Do not be afraid! I am the angel Bazilla, and I bring you news of the birth of the saviour!" Well, actually he said, this, but it wasn't very funny:
[Re: 959 days till AATA opening] But, according to Nick's site, it's 1060 days? Oh and Hi etc.
See? Remarkably unfunny. Although he has redeemed himself with a few choicy jokes, none of which I can think of at the moment.

"Hmm, the Internet King. I wonder if he can help me get access to faster nudity" -- Comic Book Guy, the Simpsons
Well, Bazzu's our own Internet King. AFSJJBDDD has been enriched with links to such sites as the mis-fit site, where you can make your own police mug-shot drawing, and other stuff like that

His Simpsons knowledge is surpassed only by me, but he also has Sky, so he's apparently seen more episodes that me. But he hasn't got 150 of them on tape. Ha! Ha!

Well, as you noticed, I haven't put anything about Bazzu's favorite phrases, mostly because he doesn't have any I can think off. So that's that.