Count Bazzu

What he has to say for himself in 2003:

One Day, a Man was created, parts of AFSJJBDDD were shared to help create the ultimate member of AFSJJBDDD, they used:
Charlie Maul's low toneness
The Threatener's fear of butterflies
Nick's enjoyment of site-making
Kramer's weirdness
Jostein's film score interest
Luke's irrelevant inane nonsense.
And so, Bazzu was created, it was a day of greatness, as he is the youngest member, he's very easy to impress, and hence, and taken small traits from all members, and so, in a way, is the best member of AFSJJBDDD, in a more accurate way, he's the worst member of AFSJJBDDD, he may have been given the group's trait, but the one trait he didn't get given was humour, and so you shall all suffer from me, Bazzu, me, that's my name, Bazzu.

Rank on the Costanza Falcon:
Sith Apprentice

About Count Bazzu:

Bazzu's one of the people you listen to for a few minutes, and when they stop, you say something along the lines of "Bwaa-hahahahahahahahahaa!!!", apparently.

Bazzu, previous known as Bazilla appeared before us and said, "Do not be afraid! I am the angel Bazilla, and I bring you news of the birth of the saviour!" Well, actually he said, this, but it wasn't very funny:
[Re: 959 days till AATA opening] But, according to Nick's site, it's 1060 days? Oh and Hi etc.
See? Remarkably unfunny. Although he has redeemed himself with multiple 880 posts and an overall keenness to promote the ways of AFSJJBDDD.

"Hmm, the Internet King. I wonder if he can help me get access to faster nudity" -- Comic Book Guy, the Simpsons
Well, Bazzu's our own Internet King. AFSJJBDDD has been enriched with links to such sites as the mis-fit site, where you can make your own police mug-shot drawing, and also loves to link to photoshopped images of giraffes in hilarious positions.

He has many strange likings for unknown things. Noticably, Rob Brydon, a Welsh comedian of sorts. He also loves the Family Guy serieses to an unmeasurable length. And we haven't got round to his strange fondness for socks or "That Girl From Casualty".

Bazzu is a well commited member of AFSJBBDDD, whose enthusiasm makes the newsgroup an exciting read. Keep up the good work!