AFSJJBDDD Propaganda ("News")

This newly-announced book, due to be finished in the very near future (from a certain point of view), is about Jar Jar Bink's adventures post-Episode III. The author, A.F.S.J.J.B.D.D.D.—who has not revealed his real name, or explained why he has so many middle-names—has this to say about the book:


Hurg indeed.

Very little is known about the game at this stage of development, but we consider it likely that it will closely follow Jar Jar's Adventures in the book Mesa, Senator

Mesa, Senator: GameCube will be out soon...

Title of Episode III announced! (Before TE overruled it)

"I wanted something different, something artistic, but something that had a classic Star Wars sound to it" -- George Lucas

SW Ep. 3 - JHBA will be out May 2005

The VHS and DVD edition of Episode III: An Ally Turns Away has recently been announced by, the popular Star Wars fan site :o)

We have been told that it will contain the following features:
  • The film